Visit to Tokai-mura

One of the greatest aspects of being a particle physicist is travel.  Perhaps some clarification is in order for those unfamiliar with particle physics.  Particle physics is expensive, particularly experimental particle physics.  Thus research is most often carried out at one of a few large laboratories at which many physicists from around the world collaborate: <a href=>CERN</a> near Geneva, <a>DESY</a> in Hamburg, <a>KEK</a> in Tsukuba, <a>J-PARC</a> in Tokai and <a>Fermilab</a> near Chicago.  More often than not these laboratories are fairly distant from the location of the University or Research Centre funding our work.  This is very much the case for my current position which is based out of the <a href=>Rutherford Appleton Laboratory</a> near Oxford, but on an experiment by the name of <a>T2K</a> at J-PARC.


Yesterday, July 5th, 2013 I arrived in Tokai for the first time, which has prompted me to share some of my travel experiences (both past and present).  So please enjoy!


PS: Please excuse the still text above, as you may imagine the trip from Oxford to Tokai has left your humble blogger rather jet-lagged.


Entrance to a small part of the J-PARC site, location of the users office, offices for visiting researchers and dormitories:


Users Office/OfficesImage

The lab gave me a bicycle!  It may weight a ton, be too small for me and only have 3 speeds, but expect this bike to take this blogger far and wide:



First Post – Coming soon!

Welcome to “The History of Japan: In no particular order” podcast.  I hope to make this a bi-monthly podcast where I will discuss various aspects of Japanese history.  As the title should already hint at, this podcast will not follow a chronological narrative through the history of Japan.  Instead, I intend to discuss a single aspect or period of Japanese over a number of podcasts with the occasional one off podcast.

Please stay tuned for the first podcast (coming soon) which consists of an introduction to the podcast and Meiji Japan.

[edit] I’m currently preparing for my final PhD oral exam in 2 weeks. I’ll have the first episode up shortly after that is finished.